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What’s Up, Danger? Texans at Eagles Pregame Discussion

What’s Up, Danger? Texans at Eagles Pregame Discussion

I was going to save the following article for the playoffs, but Twitter has recently informed me that this is the most meaningful game of Bill O’Brien’s coaching tenure with the Houston Texans. SPOILER ALERT: No, it’s not.

What’s Up, Danger?

Quick aside. Have you seen the new Spider-Man? Yes it’s a cartoon, but it also may be the best movie you will see all year – it’s that good. And that isn’t even mentioning it’s absolutely amazing soundtrack chock filled with enough tracks to fuel a year’s worth of videos. Before I go on, check out the clip below:

The Eagles are playing for their playoff lives, like a cornered dog – which makes them a very dangerous team. Meanwhile for the Texans it would take some string, a road map, a decoder ring, and a blank wall to map out the single scenario in which they miss the playoffs.

Back to Reality

What’s all this have to do with Spider-Man? Easy, Deshaun Watson. The first time I heard “What’s Up Danger” in the movie I immediately thought of Watson. If someone more talented than me was to make a hype video featuring Watson mashed up to Spider-Man, I can promise you it would be a smash hit.

Deshaun is the reason I do not get frustrated with the Texans “barely” winning. The bigger the moment the better he plays, and like Spidey, he lives for those moments. If this is really the defining game of the O’Brien era then I fully expect Deshaun to ball out and put on a show, because that’s just what he does when the pressure is one.

Deshaun is Our Hope

During Watson’s tenure as the Houston Texans starting quarterback, the Texans have yet to lose by more than 2 scores. Just think about that for a moment, n the twenty games he’s started, they’ve always been with striking distance. Why? Because he keeps the team in every game and when they are down he has a knack for bringing them back back time after time. There are more physically talented players than Deshaun, but Deshaun’s true God-given talent is his ability to play for the moment – and that that is the rarest NFL trait of all.

On Watson following the Jets game a national analyst said, “what’s the difference between the Jets and the Texans? The Texans have more star power.” This was meant as a put down but here’s the thing. we’ve seen Hopkins, Clowney and Watt wing games all before Deshaun was here – so while DW4 is the real deal, he doesn’t have to do it alone. Add a little Honey Badger to those powerhouses, some good young talent and when you sprinkle in a little Spidey Sense, you have a recipe for the ages.

The Texans are 10-4 and we’ve yet to see their best ball, yet they’re still a 2.5 dog to a cornered wild animal of a team. I get it. – this game is dangerous, the stakes are high and a number two playoff seed with the bye that comes along with it are at stake. But I’m not scared. I’m not stressed – and you shouldn’t be stressed either. Rest easy H-Town fans, our super hero has arrived and is here to save us… so it is time to enjoy the ride and watch Spidey do what Spidey does… SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOT!

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