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Welcome to Texans Unfiltered

A Houston Texans Podcast

Welcome to Texans Unfiltered

Hey Texans fans, welcome to the new website for the Houston Texans Podcast, “Texans Unfiltered.” I’m Brad Groux, one of the hosts of the show and I just want to take a moment to welcome you all to our new website and community.

Our goal at Texans Unfiltered has been and continues to be providing Houston Texans fans, and football fans in general a destination for well researched and intelligent discussion in regards to our favorite H-Town team. We’re hoping that with your help, this site will grow into a real community that we can all be proud of. Without our fans and listeners, we’d just be three dudes talking into our computer screens like bozos – so we thank you for continued support.

Big Things to Come

While the site may look a little bare right now, there are a lot of exciting things going on on behind the scenes. We’re building this site to be a real community, where you can take part in developing content and driving discussions, and a key part of that will be our member profiles and our live activity feed. If you sign up, be sure to head on over to your profile page and customize it however you see fit.

Your profile and website options will grow exponentially over the coming weeks, and here are just a few things we have in store for you all over the coming weeks:

  • Full podcast integration
  • Member achievements
  • Member rewards
  • Member blog syndication
  • Real-time NFL game stats and statistics
  • Member groups
  • Patreon integration
  • Discord integration
  • A merchandise shop
  • And more!

Our vision for this site, is like nothing you’ve likely ever seen from a sports team fan site. We truly want to offer you news, stats and data about your favorite team and players faster and more seamlessly than you’ll be able to capture anywhere else. We’re happy to show you a sneak peak of what is to come today with the launch of the first of our many “Live Feeds.” The Houston Texans Live Feed is constantly scouring Twitter for every single Texans player’s updates, as well as official Texans news outlets and reporters and even Texans Unfiltered tweets that contain the hashtag #TexansUnfiltered. Don’t believe me? Send out a Tweet with #TexansUnfiltered in it and head on over to the Live Feeds and keep an eye out for it.

John us on Our Forums

While our site and content still has a ways to go, we wanted to make sure we introduced our online forums ASAP to insure that our community could have a place to come together and grow. The forums still have that new car smell, and are waiting on you to head on over there to start discussing the Texans, the NFL, fantasy football, gaming or anything else you’d like to talk about. Head on over, check them out and be sure to say “Hi!” There is also a private messaging system available for our members to chat with one another. You can also friend people if you want to meet other Texans fans like you, and you can even hide your profile if lurking is more your thing.

On top of all of the exciting things we have coming for the site, don’t forget that our Discord server is growing every day and we have fans and crew in there chatting pretty much 24×7. We also have some more improvements coming to our weekly podcast, including live video streams in the coming weeks! Until then, be sure to check back often to the site, because we are rolling out improvements and upgrades every single day. Thank you all so very much for your support, and GO TEXANS!

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