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Texans Running Back Lamar Miller Shoved the Browns Around

Shines Again in 29-13 Victory versus the Browns

Texans Running Back Lamar Miller Shoved the Browns Around

Slicing through the Browns defense like it is H-Town traffic, Houston Texans star running back running back Lamar Miller burst down the sideline for yet another another first down. This would put him over the 100 yard mark for the second consecutive week. Showing speed, agility and power, the feature back of Houston’s offense has seems to have found his rhythm in the Texans offense this season, at a time where the Texans need it most – the push for the playoffs. Miller demonstrated his entire skill set during the team’s 29-13 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

Working on his weight control, Miller shed nearly eight pounds over the summer to help enhance his speed. Sunday proved that the investment in his training is now continuing to pay weekly dividends for the Houston Texans and their offense. “I see a big difference,” Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins said in regards to Miller’s recent form. “Lamar put a lot of work to change his body, helps out a lot going into a game, your preparation during the off season and how you prepare. And I saw a different Lamar this off season how hard he worked.”

Miller would finish Sunday with 103 rushing yards on 19 carries. Less than a week ago, Miller rushed for a season-high 162 yards against the Tennessee Titans – including this beautiful 32-yard scramble in the fourth quarter –

Miller considers his coach’s input to be key on the recent success of not just his running game, but of the entire offensive turnaround. “I just think the coaches, they do a great job taking care of me during the week, and we have a great running backs coach (Danny Barrett),” Miller said. “He does a great job getting me and Blue prepared for Sundays, and right now we’ve been doing a great job. We’ve just got to keep it going.”

Miller rushed last season for a career low 3.7 yards per carry. As the feature piece of the offense, critics began pouring in that perhaps Miller’s initial success in Miami was a fluke – however ti his credit, while Miller understands that his recent growth might have him heading in the right direction, there are still plenty of areas for improvement before the season’s end.

“I feel like the sky’s the limit,” Miller said. “I feel like we still leave a lot of points out there as an offense. The defense, they do a great job of getting turnovers and on the offensive side ball, we’ve just got to do a better job of capitalizing on that and just keep running up the score.” Through 11 games this season, Miller has rushed for 876 yards and scored three touchdowns, and he fully intends to keep rumbling.

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