ANALYSIS: The Texans Have Won Nine in Row, Now What?

ANALYSIS: The Texans Have Won Nine in Row, Now What?

The Houston Texans have won nine games in a row, now where do they go from here? Well, the Texans’ schedule is considered to be light work moving forward but as we all know, on any given Sunday anything can happen.

Up next is the Colts who coming into their game with the Jags yesterday were the second hottest team in the league winning 5 straight and looking like a legitimate offense for the first time since Andrew Luck injured his shoulder. Yesterday we saw the Jaguars hold the Colts to 265 total yards, 0 points, 3 sacks, and 2 turnovers. The Jaguars offense led by Cody Kessler only needed two field goals to win this game. Now this doesn’t in my opinion mean we just walk through the Colts.  With that being said I expect us to win this game due to a disruptive defense and a offense that is starting too resemble what we saw a year ago. This game will be closer than people think.

Than we move on to a Saturday game against the NY Jets and likely Rookie Sam Darnold (who I said would be the bust of all the first round QB’s in last year’s draft) not much analysis is needed on this one as they are becoming a dumpster fire and will likely make a head coaching change at the end of the season. Texans win 24-3. Moving on…

The game that scares me the most is the Eagles. Now are they the same team they were last year? Nope but they have more talent than what their record shows. I wouldn’t be surprised after they win their game against the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football that they will win their division. They have two games left against the NFC East leading Dallas Cowboys who are now 1 game ahead of them in the division (given if the Eagles take care of the Redskins) so they will still have something to play for in week 16 when we meet. The Eagles have a scary pass rush and even though the Texans offensive line is improving each week I don’t know if they will be able to do what is necessary to protect Deshaun in this game. Let’s also be honest the Texans are not going to win out the rest of the season and will lose at least 1 game and the only team remaining outside of the Colts who are still in the playoff hunt is the Eagles.

We finish the regular season hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars who by week 17 will be just as bad as they were prior to beating the Colts. They will need some offense if they want to get more wins and let’s be real whether it’s Cody Kessler or Blake Bortles that offense is not going to be any better. We handled them in week 7, and would expect the same results this time as well.

So that ends the Texans regular season with a record of 12-4 which given the way this season started would be considered exceeding expectations. We will not get a bye in the playoffs and will likely play either the Colts, Chargers (GOD I HOPE NOT), or the Ravens. My expectations for the playoffs are high as I feel this team is just starting to click on offense and I expect it to continue. The addition of Deandre Carter is going to help, and Demaryius Thomas  will continue to get integrated into the offense. I believe we can hang with any team in the playoffs  mostly due to our defense that can suffocate most teams and in the past has always performed at a high level in the playoffs.

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