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Texans Fans Come Together to Donate to Alex Smith’s Foundation

Texans Fans Come Together to Donate to Alex Smith’s Foundation

UPDATE: If you’d like to join in by donating $11 to Alex Smith’s foundation, you can do so via our Facebook charity campaign! All donations are handled by Facebook and go directly to Alex’s foundation, this just gives us a way to track overall donations.

In response to Redskins QB Alex Smith’s gruesome leg injury in his game against the Texans yesterday, Texans fans have decided to send their well wishes by donating to Alex Smith’s charitable foundation.

Reddit user and Texans super fan /u/Barian_Fostate came up with the idea to send well wishes and outlined the idea on /r/Texans:

Let’s send an /r/Texans get well soon present to Alex Smith by donating to his foundation

A donation of $11 (his number) to the Alex Smith Foundation might go a long way in helping him feel better about his long road to recovery, and at the same time it also benefits foster children by funding educational and professional development opportunities for them. I know not everyone can spare 11 bucks, but if you can I think it would be a nice thing to do.

At the time of writing, there have been more than 350 up votes from Texans fans, with many commenters replying that they’ve donated. We don’t know as of yet the total number of donations or how much has been donated, but it seems to be gaining traction and we’re hoping to spread the word.

Hopefully the effort by Texans fans gains enough traction for Alex to see it, and maybe to usher a response by the Alex Smith Foundation. According to the foundation, Chiefs fans made over 3,000 similar $11 donations as a thank you to Alex when he left Kansas City for the Redskins so we have something to strive for!

We’ve always said that Texans fans were the best in the league, and boy do you guys keep proving us right. As Texans fans, we know first hand just how devastating injuries can be to a team and a city, so it is awesome to see us coming together to help alleviate a little bit of the sting others may feel while also helping a good cause.

Finally, huge shout out to Brett Kollman (aka /u/Barian_Fostate) for kicking off the initiative. If you haven’t already, you should be subscribed to his amazing YouTube channel. Job well done as usual, Brett and of course get well, Alex!

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