RECAP: Texans vs. Colts – No, the Sky is Not Falling

RECAP: Texans vs. Colts – No, the Sky is Not Falling

RECAP: Texans vs. Colts – No, the Sky is Not Falling

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The Houston Texans lost 24-21 against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, ending their nine-game win streak which began back in Week 4 against the Colts. In this episode, we break down what went wrong, and where the Texans go from here.


  • Does the loss worry you?


  • No Keke, big problems
  • Carter out, Webb in?
  • Thought it was more about what the Colts did than what the Texans didn’t do
  • Watson could learn a thing or two from Luck, especially on how to get rid of the ball quickly to battle the blitz

Coaching Breakdown

  • BoB timeout hurt at the end of the first half?
  • Clowney has 9 pre-snap penalties this season

Offensive Breakdown

  • No big mistakes, but no standouts either
  • Run blocking, where art thou?
  • Deep ball AWOL
  • DT87 finding his groove
  • Young TEs coming into their own

Defensive Breakdown

  • Speedy receivers are our kryptonite
  • The Chiefs terrify me now
  • Reid and Cunningham looked human
  • Clowney has had two mediocre games in a row

Additional Thoughts

  • Foreman updates?
  • WR contingency plans?

Looking Forward Texans at Jets

  • Saturday start at the Meadowlands
  • Jets aren’t a gimmie, if the Texans turn it over
  • Jets give up 243.8 yards passing, 132.0 yards rushing and 25.4 PPG

Around the League

  • Patriots and Steelers lose, thankfully
  • Are the Chiefs stoppable?



  • Why do you think the Texans refuse to play Colvin outside?
  • Why can’t Clowney stopping jumping off sides
  • Why does Romeo not play Duke
  • Has your playoff expectations changed
  • Is it safe to say that anytime we don’t lead at halftime we will lose?
  • If you can only pay one (Clowney or Honeybadger), who would you choose?


  • How do you realistically see out chances in the playoffs?
  • What is wrong with Watson going deep, how is his timing off with Hopkins?
  • Do you think Brian Gain can get at least 4 contributors in next year’s draft?


  • After seeing Hilton run for days, does the thought of playing the Chiefs scare you more than any other AFC team now?
  • Through 14 weeks, which draft spot to do you see as the highest priority?
  • Which would you rather have, a 1st round DB, or Patrick Peterson?

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