RECAP: Texans vs. Browns – Jordan Come Back! Oh and Browns and Baker Bitchfield

RECAP: Texans vs. Browns – Jordan Come Back! Oh and Browns and Baker Bitchfield

RECAP: Texans vs. Browns – Jordan Come Back! Oh and Browns and Baker Bitchfield

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Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson had a day against the Cleveland Browns. With their 29-13 victory over the Browns in week 13, the improved their record to 9-3. Watson led the way while completing 22 of his 31 pass attempts for 224 yards and a touchdown. In this episode we discuss the match-up with the Browns, the Texans 9-game winning streak and more.


  • Real talk about negative Texans’ fans
  • BoB isn’t holding this team back
  • Winning 10 games can’t be done without coaching


  • A near perfect game from start to finish
  • We’d put this defense up against anyone
  • They play the “bend don’t break” perfectly
  • Lack of QB pressure was really the only surprise

Coaching Breakdown

  • The team struggled again with timeouts
  • Guessing that BoB assumed that a player called timeout at the end of the first half? They lost about 16 seconds on this oversight 

Offensive Breakdown

  • The offensive success starts with Lamar Miller again
  • DW4 had a terrific game overall
  • DT87 catching again
  • Carter involved

Defensive Breakdown

  • Reid is masterful, his closing speed is second to none
  • Cunningham is making us look more and more like geniuses every day
  • If people don’t see it by now, Romeo drafts guys he can coach up

Special Teams

  • Fairbairn is leading the league in scoring!
  • Carter had a big day of returns, but two fumbles (none lost)
  • One big return called back
  • Daniels was 3 for 3 with punts inside the 20
  • Still really struggling for the season, just 40.1 net

Additional Thoughts

  • Win Probability: With 5 Minutes left in the first half, the Texans has 98% win probability
  • Red Zone Scoring (TDs): Even with the 5 field goals, moved up a spot to 25th
  • Defense: Up to 4th in fewest points allowed (235/19.6 YPG)
  • Rushing: Now 3rd in total rushing 1689 (140.8 YPG)
  • Offense: Is now well in to the top 10 for Net Points Per Drive and Drive Success Rate and fewest 3-And-Outs Per Drive

Looking Forward Texans at Colts

  • Look for more of the same, ground and pound
  • Luck will be prepared after getting shut out
  • Texans should use the Jacksonville tape as inspiration, if the Glitter Kittens can shut them down, anyone can

Around the League

  • Kudos to the Chiefs for doing the right thing with Hunt (because he lied)
  • Thanks to the Chargers for being bros and taking the Steelers out


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