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Gold Versus Grit: The Colts Division Round Preview

Gold Versus Grit: The Colts Division Round Preview

Well, here we are.  We get to play the “scariest” team in the AFC Playoffs, the Indianapolis Colts.

Most Texans Fans view the Colts as our most hated “rival”.  It seems as though the Colts still view Brady, not the Patriots just Brady, as their primary rival.  Rivalries are created organically, and cannot be forced.   Our “rivalry” has always been based in jealousy.  We typically have the better roster, and they have the better QB.  While the Colts have been able to “luck” into two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, the Texans have gone through more starting quarterbacks than any team except the Browns.  Until now.  This weekend could be the start of a true rivalry with the Colts.  Where both fan bases circle the dates on their calendars.  And because it’s a Divisional Rivalry the frequency and importance of the clashes could create a rivalry on par with the top rivalries in any sport.

And it all starts with the QBs.

Andrew Luck is the “Golden Boy”, the “Good Guy”, the “Nice Guy”.  The man had the best education, opportunities, and even breeding to become an elite QB.  Luck’s combine performance was closer to Cam Newton’s than any other quarterback and Player Profiler still lists Cam Newton as his closest comparable player.

Andrew Luck was the “ideal” quarterback prospect. His entire life was set up for him to succeed, and to his credit, he has despite horrible coaching and injuries.  And on top of that, he comes across as an all-around nice guy.  Helping defenders up after sacks, and congratulating the opposing teams on good plays.

And now he has both help and health.

If you want to understand the sort of help that Andrew Luck has, I strongly recommend you go watch Brett Kollman’s latest video in which he even reiterates that most of the league sees Andrew luck as the hero.

Deshaun Watson is the perfect foil to Andrew Luck.  Watson has had to work and scratch for every inch in his life and career.  He is the living embodiment of the Al Pacino Speech in Any Given Sunday.Watson said that he “was more concerned with just getting out of the hood” than preparing for the NFL.  Watson was second-guessed by scouts and talent evaluators. Passed over for the likes of Mitchell Trubisky and he thankfully fell out of the top 10.  We were constantly reminded that Watson does not have the ideal frame, build, or arm for an NFL quarterback.

Watson has made himself into an NFL QB through hard work, grit, and creativity.  He oozes charisma and plays the game with personality that is seen in the NBA where players are completely exposed and masked in the conformity of the NFL. He does this without arrogance or flash.  He does it with calmness and coolness. He just performs and leaves everyone in awe of what may happen next.

Which brings us to this weekend. Playoffs are what makes rivalries. Regular Season games can add chapters and drama, but true rivalries are made when the games matter most.  The AFC South is poised to take the league by storm for the next decade and the division will be led by these two quarterbacks.  We’ve seen the “preface” of this chapter now it’s time for the story to really start.


No matter what it’s going to end in heartbreak. Any team with Deshaun Watson will not be embarrassed. Houston has more talent and star power. But to quote Brett Kollman “the Colts are led by a demon and his favorite sidekick”.  This is lining up to be a classic. And I think the Texans will pull it off because I’m honestly just not ready to say goodbye to this year’s team.

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