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    Brad Groux

    With host YoungAriGold on the move, tonight’s special edition podcast is a short reaction show for the Texans vs. Redskins game with John the GarnetTexan and Brad Groux. Fret not Texans fans, there’s another #TexansUnfiltered podcast tomorrow and yet another on Wednesday!

    – Insane Monday Night Football game between the LA – Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs

    Game Recap
    – Texans make history
    – Pull off another close game
    – Can we call it a habit at this point?

    – Offensive line injuries stall a hot offense
    – DW4 is still pressing
    – Ryan Griffin with the worst attempt at blocking in history when he whiffed on Kerrigan?
    – Demaryius Thomas where art thou?
    – What’s up with Ka’imi Fairbairn?

    – Keke is back!a
    – Rushing attack was very strong
    – Lamar Miler and the TEs were involved early
    Honeybadger says, “He should have been a #1 pick” and he was right.
    – #InRomeoWeTrust
    – Is Honeybadger a must-resign? SPOILER ALERT: YES

    – Texans Fans come together to help Alex Smith
    – Our website has launched at http://www.texansunfiltered.com
    – Join the forums and our Discord server and get involved
    – Follow us on our new Facebook page at http://www.fb.me/TexansUnfiltered
    – Lots of cool things in store
    – Tune in to tomorrow’s podcast for a special interview!

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