2019 NFL Draft Contest

Below are the details of the contest and the rules:

  1. Go to The Draft Network’s Draft Machine

  2. Select the Houston Texans as your team

  3. Select 7 round mock draft

  4. Go through and select who you think the Houston Texans will draft this year

  5. Email a screenshot of your mock draft results to Texansunfiltered@gmail.com in the subject line type [TX Unfiltered Mock Draft Submission

  6. One submission per listener

All emails must be received by 4/23.

The person who gets the most amount of picks correct will be the winner. There will a 1st,2nd, and 3rd place for this contest.

Prizes for each are as followed:

1st place Houston Texans jersey of your choice

2nd place $50 Amazon gift Card

3rd place Texans Unfiltered Nuk’Em Shirt

How the 2019 draft will go for the Texans

We are just over a week away from the 2019 NFL Draft. If your like me, you have read through something like 28,000 mock drafts over the last two months looking at who the Texans will draft in the first round. Mockers (that’s what I call the mock draft guys we should make this a thing) are all over the [...]

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